About Lele Pyp

Lele PyP is a fashion enterprise founded in 2008 by the three siblings Stephanie, Samantha and Bernardo Müller Knab, based in Switzerland and specialized in the design, development and distribution of high-end women’s shoes and accessories.

Stephanie Müller Knab, Creative Director of Lele PyP, started designing and developing shoes and accessories during her fashion design studies in London and Milan, initially only for friends and herself. She had discovered a specialized atelier that had the expertise to manufacture the highest quality handmade women’s shoes and other accessories using traditional techniques. There, Stephanie turned her creations into reality.

After graduating in Fashion Design, Stephanie launched her first collection under the brand name Lele PyP and participated at the main international trade shows in the beginning of 2009.

Lele PyP was founded with the aim to combine the best of two worlds – European sophistication and Latin audacity – into one single brand, which embodies extravagance, elegance, and the highest quality standards.

Lele PyP products stand out for their exquisite materials, innovative shapes and skillful fittings and are handmade with love by master craftsmen in limited quantities. The passion for details is unmistakable. The brand logo is skillfully integrated to the in- and outsole. Also the Lele PyP shoe boxes are a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the hangers that are attached to the shoe box, no extra bag is required to carry home the precious pieces.

In December 2009, the siblings Stephanie, Samantha and Bernardo opened the first Lele PyP store located at Stadelhoferstrasse 42, nearby Bellevue in Zürich, Switzerland. In November 2011 Lele PyP opened its flagship store in Kuttelgasse 3, nearby Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich. In June 2013 Lele PyP opened a third store in 5B Stafford Street in the heart of Mayfair, London.